Day 07: Dink, Drink, Dukes

Today turned into one of the lazier days so far in the early stages of the Summer of Tim.

Amy's professional development training continued today and Charlotte finished up first grade with her last day of school. Anna, Mason, and I returned to the "scene of the accident" (the neighborhood playground) for approximately three minutes before they both decided it was too hot and wanted to go back home. Before leaving, Anna wanted me to see where she had hit her head a few days ago causing the massive knot on her forehead that has since gone away.

Thumbs down to that.

Charlotte got home from her last day of school which means everything she had collected in her desk throughout the year came with her; hence, the giant pile of papers on the couch right now. One of the papers jumped out at me -- a journal of "Animal Observations" of their classroom pets including fish, snails, and worms. Below is a shot of the very first page from the very first day of observing these pets back in January.


After finishing up Gangrene: The Dink Documentary this afternoon, I took my early-summer Dink revival to the next level by contacting the filmmaker. You see, back in the day, Dink released their debut album and followed it up a few years later with an EP called Blame It On Tito -- a measly four songs with a bonus demo track. I'd always heard that Tito was supposed to be a full-length album but it never saw the light of day once the band split. Dropping an email to the filmmaker at Slow Mutants, I had to know if he had any knowledge of the rest of the tracks that didn't make it to the actual Blame It On Tito release.

I received a very prompt response and was thrilled to find that he had every last track currently uploaded to his YouTube account! Minutes later, I had a CD burned -- a long-awaited full-length version of Blame It On Tito.


The evening really went downhill from there, though. I think the stress of this past semester at work had finally caught up to me as I've never really taken some time to fully decompress since the school year officially ended a few days ago. I made myself a nice stiff drink, hit the couch in the basement with the Dukes of Hazzard on the TV, and was asleep by nine o'clock.


The Summer of Tim continues...

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