Day 10: Cabin Fever

I have got to get out of this house.

The past few days of being somewhat intentionally lazy has come back to haunt me as today we're trapped inside. Amy was off again to another day of professional development training for work and last night's rain has left every bit of grass in the area a swampy mess. This meant it was going to be an "inside day" for me and the kids. I suppose we could have packed up and gone to the library or something, but when I realized it was half-way through the morning and three of the four of us were still wearing what we slept in, I knew we weren't going anywhere.

We played some games and built some stuff out of blocks.


Mason pretended to be a robot.

Have you ever played Hullabaloo? The kids hit start and a voice tells them to move to various objects marked on tiles spread throughout the room. When the voice says stop, if you're on the tile he announces, you're the winner. Kind of like the cake walk concept from when we were kids. Maybe they still do cake walks. I dunno.

Anyway, the winner of each round of Hullabaloo is given the opportunity to "take a bow" or "do a funky dance." Taking a break from their usually poor sportsmanship, the kids decided that all three of them would celebrate each round together. Below is their "funky dance" -- further evidence that we all need to get out of the house ASAP.

Moving on to other things you don't care about, I did make a new discovery watching The Karate Kid the other night. Although actor Andrew Shue -- brother of Elizabeth Shue who played Ali (with an I) in the movie -- is not mentioned in the credits, it has often been suggested that he had a bit part as a member of the Cobra Kai. I've spent a little time here and there looking for him but never seemed to have any luck. But then the other night, watching at the drive-in, I realized he's been right in front of my face all these years. I'm 99% sure that's him.


Mentioning the NWA movie yesterday made me wonder if I still had my tapes from when I was a kid. Apparently my edited version of the tape was traded off at some point in the past but the other cassette is still around along with a few upgrades I've made over the years. What do you think? Is three copies of the same album too much?

Mister Rogers thinks so.

I gotta get out of this house.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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