Day 11: Three Showers, General Lee Mower, A Monster Rodent

I took three showers today.

Went swimming at the in-laws.



Mowed the lawn in the 90+ degree heat and humidity of the early afternoon.


Got a call asking to have our house shown. Ran around the house cleaning like a mad-man.


I've had my new lawn mower for about two weeks and have used it a few times. Mowing a yard with a new mower is a feeling to which little can compare. It's kind of like wearing a new pair of underwear for the first time. Just perfect.

The old mower was green but my new one is orange. With an orange lawn mower, there's one thing I had to do. I had no choice.

Let me clue you in to a little secret that will make your life at least 11% better. The next time you make a grilled cheese sandwich, keep your skillet in the kitchen and go fire up your grill. It will change your life forever.

Walking into the basement yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining brightly through the window but something caught my eye that just didn't seem right -- a small dark shadow at the bottom of the window. Was it a leaf? Maybe some debris stirred up by Sunday night's rain?


A small rodent had fallen into the window well and chewed a small hole in the screen. It had found itself stuck between the screen and the closed window and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.


After unsuccessfully attempting to remove the rodent -- a vole, actually -- by banging on the window from the inside and threatening it with strong words, I discussed further options with Amy.

My idea: "I could get the hose and soak it until it goes back through the hole."

Amy's logical response: "It'd still be stuck in the window well though. Just take the screen out and scoop it out with a colander."

Not a bad idea. With the screen already ruined, it wouldn't be a big deal to cut the rest of it out and free the little critter from its trap.

I responded in perfect manly fashion: "I'm not doing that! I don't want that thing running up my arm!" got the vole out of the window.

But I took care of the screen, people. I TOOK CARE OF THE SCREEN!

The Summer of Tim continues...

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