Day 12: TCBY, Music City Roots, Government Cheese

Today was the last day of Amy's week-long training she's been taking part in and I had nothing specific planned to occupy the kids. Just after breakfast, Charlotte asked me what the plan was for this morning: "Dad, where are we going today? We can't waste such a beautiful morning."


Now we had to go somewhere.

So off we went to my in-law's pool for a second consecutive day.

That's fine. I guess it takes a seven-year-old's guilt trip to get me off my butt sometimes.

Today wound up being somewhat of a repeat of yesterday as we had another showing of our house. Luckily the place was still in pretty good shape after yesterday. This also gave us an excuse to go to TCBY just before dinner. Brilliant, huh?

Amy was gone with some friends in the evening which was just as well since two of the four musicians set to perform on the weekly Music City Roots live stream were a few of my favorites -- Warner Hodges (of Jason and the Scorchers fame) and Government Cheese (the reincarnated version of the band featuring Tommy Womack).


Both of these sets, preceded by sets from Webb Wilder and Bill Lloyd, made for a few hours of excellent live music to cap off the evening. The icing on the cake -- the show was hosted by our pal Peter Cooper and ended with the weekly jam featuring all of the artists from the night together on stage.


I've had the fortunate pleasure of meeting some of these guys in various capacities over the years and one thing is very clear -- I wear that black hoodie a lot!

Anyway, the full video is up on the Music City Roots site if you're interested. Not sure how long it'll stay live but not more than a week, I'm sure. You can watch here.

Otherwise, there's always this. As Peter said last night when he introduced Government Cheese..."If you don't like this, adjust your medication."

The Summer of Tim continues...

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