Day 13: EIU, Sanford Arms

Amy's professional development training finally ended so that meant that my five days of 1-on-3 defense in this game of "Dad vs. Kids" has come to an end.

Pretty sure they won.

After five days, I needed a little room to breathe and Amy let me get out of Dodge for a bit. I grabbed a Wilco CD and headed south towards Charleston where there are a few antique/thrift/junk shops I like to stop by a few times a year. While I came across a handful of photo-worthy items, the only thing I actually considered buying was a Hanson CD for a buck.

Before you judge, those Hanson brothers have got some talent. Seriously.

Besides, I didn't end up buying it anyway. When I opened up the case, there was an S Club 7 CD inside.

Some of the fun stuff I saw but didn't buy?


Anyway, I left the stores empty-handed but luckily the day wasn't a total loss as I had made plans to meet up with my college pal Jody for lunch on campus at EIU. Jody may be the Associate Director of Housing now but I remember the day he amazed me with his vast knowledge of Eazy-E lyrics.

Jody's pretty awesome.

So we shared the healthiest lunch we could come up with at the food court's Chick-fil-A and talked about everything from old friends to the current state of EIU to the upcoming NWA movie. I crossed paths with my old friend Nick, as well. Nick's an admissions counselor and currently lives down the street from me. He and I have a play-date set for tomorrow afternoon.

While I was in town, I took a few minutes to walk around the campus that I called home for the better part of seven years (for the record, I stayed for grad school -- not seven years for one undergrad degree). I used to know that campus forwards and backwards -- every nook and cranny -- with a story to tell for every step I took. Close to fifteen years removed from my college days, I love how familiar that place still seems.

I stopped by Weller Hall where I lived for at least two years. That's 1999 me on the right with a few other guys outside Weller after we'd torn up the quad during a rain storm.


There was the apartment I lived in with a few guys for one semester. Still looks the same short of a different door to the balcony. That's Me2K below with my dad.


I drove by Carman Hall where I lived as a grad assistant during my last two years on campus -- sadly, it's currently closed due to low enrollment. I could go on and on with the countless other places I lived on campus during my time at EIU and the many stories that go along with them...

Anyway, I headed home with a stomach full of overpriced chicken and lot of college memories running through my head.

In other news, I made an important discovery this afternoon. As a big fan of anything associated with Redd Foxx, I've seen every episode of Sanford & Son multiple times over. I've even been through the short-lived follow-up series Sanford at least once. But until today, I've never come across any episodes of Sanford Arms -- the follow-up to the follow-up that doesn't even include Redd Foxx in the cast. Having not looked in a while, I was pretty excited to find four episodes on YouTube today. Nice seeing more of Grady and Bubba.

You big dummy.

So add an afternoon nap and Game 4 of the NBA finals to the day and that's it.

Not a bad little Thursday. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I don't know if we'll have enough time.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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