Day 16: Church Picnic, Open House, Steph Curry

To celebrate the hiring of two new staff members at our church, everyone headed outside after the service for some food off the grill and a giant bounce house for the kids. Good times squeezed in just before another round of rain hit. Once again, my kids' personalities shine brightly in photographs.

I took off from the picnic just a little bit early so I could help a friend and his family move into their new house. The humidity outside by this point was about 214% but with a large group of people helping, the job was finished quickly despite the rain.

We've had a lot of showings at our house over the past three weeks but no offers yet. This prompted our realtor to schedule an open house which ended up drawing in between 20-25 groups of people over the course of two hours yesterday. I'm not a big fan of open houses as I feel like a person who is truly interested will go through their own realtor to view a house. People who attend open houses, I think, are more nosy than interested. Anyway, after having random people wandering throughout my house yesterday for two hours, we'll keep our fingers crossed for a positive response.

I wrapped up the day with Game 5 of the NBA finals which was a show for the ages -- unless you're a Cleveland fan, I guess. Golden State's Steph Curry was finally back to his usual self after struggling a bit through the first four games of the series.

Not only did the Warriors walk away with the win, ol' Delly took a few more steps back towards the reality of being an average player as he was embarrassed by Curry on multiple trips down the court.

Check this out.

He's just flat out amazing. And Hammer agrees.


The Summer of Tim continues...

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