Day 18: Shots, Addams Family Pinball, No Sale

Poor Anna.

Both girls had a check-up with the doctor today and we've been preparing Anna for the past few days for the shots she'd need for kindergarten. Like any kid, she wasn't overly excited about the shots and even marked the dreaded day on her calendar with a picture of herself with a bandaged arm. On the left you'll see the hypodermic needle and the word "NO."

At least there's a butterfly there to keep her company.

Mustering up as much bravery as she could, the girls and I headed to the doctor's office. On the way, Anna drew another picture that she planned to give to the doctor.

After the girls had their height and weight checked, we waited in the examining room for the doctor to arrive. The door opened and with cheer in her voice, the doctor asked an unexpected question: "Who wants a shot today?" Charlotte, of course, denied the doctor with a shake of her head but poor Anna...she slumped her shoulders and slowly raised her hand.

Then the doctor dropped the bombshell: "Well that's too bad because nobody here needs a shot today. Anna had her vaccinations at this time last year and is all set up through sixth grade."

Anna had won. An amazing kid victory.

Since Amy and I had created three days of anxiety in her mind for nothing, we carried out our post-shot plans anyway and made a stop at TCBY on the way home.

I learned about something amazing today. Back in my college days at EIU, there was an Addams Family pinball machine that made its way around campus from dorm lobby to dorm lobby. At one point, someone discovered that if you hit the coin box with a pool cue, the machine would automatically add credits. So with no need to pump quarters into the machine, the summer staff I worked on at one point spent the better part of that summer playing Addams Family pinball for free. To this day, it's the only pinball machine that I have any interest in -- unfortunately, finding one can be hard to do. Last I knew, the one inside Blueberry Hill in St. Louis had been removed; however, I recently discovered that there is a machine at America's Playable Arcade Museum in McLean, IL -- roughly 90 minutes from my house.

[Photo courtesy of]

But wait. Now there's less of a need for an actual machine. I learned last night that a tablet app exists called Pinball Arcade. Long story short, the app allows you to download precisely detailed "home versions" of popular pinball tables to your iPad or other device. The actual Addams Family machine is seen above while a screenshot of the app version is below. Check out that detail!

So I'm now one step closer to never needing to leave the house again. The best eight bucks I've spent all summer.

Speaking of our house, it appears we were a bit premature yesterday in our excitement about the offer on our house. We did receive an offer and we did respond with a counteroffer so reasonable that our realtor expected it to be a done deal.

Not so much.

For whatever reason -- and much to the displeasure and surprise of the realtors on both sides of the transaction -- the buyers backed out and we're back to square one.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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