Day 20: Work, Nap, D.B.'s Delight

Not gonna lie. I did nothing today.

I could tell you about falling asleep watching Wet Hot American Summer. But I won't.

I could tell you about the three or four hours of school work I did. But I won't.

Instead, here's a 1984 episode of the St. Louis kids' game show D.B.'s Delight.

I submitted a question to D.B's Delight once and they sent me a picture which is now framed in my basement about two inches away from Mr. T.

More about D.B's Delight another time. For now...

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Derek Ash said...

Having never seen "Wet Hot American Summer" before this past week, I was surprised by how much I liked it... but I also finally got the other piece of the movie "Stage Fright"'s DNA (a semi-musical horror film) which is exactly what you'd get if you smooshed WHAS and "Scream" together into one film. IF that sounds appealing to you, you should totally check out "stage Fright".