Day 21: Spice Girls, Batman, Penn Station

The kids wrapped up their week of VBS this morning and Amy and I wrapped up our week of mornings free with a trip to the library. Below you'll see Anna in a blurry picture taken from across the gym during the VBS closing.

The library visit paid off in a big way. To me, at least.

After checking out a small mountain of stuff for the kids, we went downstairs to the library's weekly sale. I always head straight for the music section at the sale where CDs are a buck each. At only a dollar, I refuse to exercise any sort of self restraint as Amy quickly realized yesterday when she walked around the corner after only a few minutes at the sale: "You found that many already?!"

Yes. Yes, I had.

I know. Two Spice Girls CDs. Shut your face.

It could be worse...I could have seen them live when I was in college.

Wait. Nevermind.

My friend Wayne stopped by this afternoon and we fired up the Nintendo for a few hours. That's right. Two dudes pushing forty spending an afternoon playing RBI Baseball. We did pop in a few other games and I have to admit, Wayne absolutely owned me at Double Dribble. My ultimate goal quickly became losing by less than 40.

I lost by 39.

But it's cool, though. Wayne brought Philly Cheese Steaks from Penn Station. With that goodness making its way through my system, I could have lost by 100 and not cared less.

The kids were drawing recently and decided they'd all draw their own pictures of Batman. While the girls did a nice job as you can see, I was most impressed by Mason who, at only three, came up with the picture on the right.

The Summer of Tim continues...


the sandwich life said...

Love the drawings!

Rich said...

New Radicals! nice!