Day 23: Fathers Day

Having spent the night at my dad's, it was great to be able to spend Fathers Day with him.

After church, we just relaxed with a day complete with a three-generation nap.

Amy painted the kids' nails and Anna simply couldn't contain her excitement.

Neither could Mason.

My brother and I went to a visitation with my dad before dinner for a woman we had gone to church with when we were younger. She was our pre-school Sunday school teacher who we all called "Grandma" despite no blood relation. She always had a healthy supply of Wrigley's gum on her table on Sunday mornings -- something I'm sure Mason would have enjoyed. On our birthdays, she'd always send a card with a stick of gum, as well. After changing clothes for the visitation, it became clear that my brother and I are no doubt cut from the same mold.

After a dinner of Chinese take-out, we hit the porch where all of the kids showed off their tree-climbing and lighting-bug-catching skills. I have no idea why my kids are in their pajamas at this point.


Anna, a few years younger than the other girls, couldn't quite keep up on the tree-climbing until she found a tree just her size.


It was such a great Fathers Day spent with my family. But nothing says "Thanks Dad" like the gift I got from my kids.

A One Direction notepad.

In honor of Fathers Day, here's an excellent clip from 2010 of Tommy Womack and Will Kimbrough -- known together as Daddy.

The Summer of Tim continues...