Day 24: A 90s Puzzle, Grimey's, Black Angels

Before leaving my dad's and heading for home, I had to make a Monday morning stop at the local resale/consignment store to check out their junk. It'd been a while since I've bought anything in there but I couldn't leave behind the 1990's puzzle for three bucks. I hate buying used puzzles as they're hardly ever complete, but this one had NWA sandwiched between Counting Crows and the Teletubbies.

I had to.

Back in Champizzle, the kids all had dentist appointments for a check-up and cleaning. This was Mason's first trip to the dentist and even with fingers in his mouth, he told the dentist all about his trip to Poppy's house.

When we got home, I had a few treasures waiting for me in the mailbox. First were two sets of Mister Rogers Sticky Notes compliments of the fine folks at the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. If you've never visited their site, check it out -- they've got some great products ranging from "Pink Freud" t-shirts to "Jesus Shave" coffee mugs. Well worth a visit.


Then there was this picture I had bought on eBay a few days earlier.

You've heard me talk about my grade school memories at the small rural school with a graduating class of barely 20 students -- the one I attended from kindergarten through 8th grade. The name of the school was "Selmaville" so any time I run across anything with that name on it (which isn't very often), I tend to snatch it up. This nearly-century-old picture was on eBay with the writing on the back referring to those in the photo as "the Selmaville Band." Based on the two towns mentioned (Alma and Odin), this is definitely the same (and only) "Selmaville."

I had to.

Once the kids wound down and hit the sack, I decided to see if this 90's puzzle was complete. Four hours later, I was happy to find that it was.

A few days ago, I mentioned the 1980's St. Louis kids' game show D.B's Delight and shared a shot of the picture they sent me when I submitted a question when I was a kid. It took a little digging but I found the letter that came with the picture.

I'm pretty sure I've never thrown anything away in my life.

Last but not least, I forgot to mention the early birthday gift I got on Fathers Day from my brother and his family -- a t-shirt from Nashville-based record store Grimey's and a super-awesome autographed Black Angels lithograph. The shirt is cool but that Black Angels print is unbelievable! There were a limited number of these autographed prints -- this one is numbered 122/300. Somehow my brother ended up with two and rather than dropping one on eBay, he was generous enough to pass the extra one on to me.


Time to find a 24x24 frame to get this thing ready to hang in my office this fall!

Speaking of Grimey's...and my brother...and's Deer Tick playing ZZ Top's Cheap Sunglasses at Grimey's back in 2010. I'm 99% sure my brother was there for this.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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