Day 27: Conway Twitty, Inside Out, Wu-Tang

The rain won't stop, people. I know there are places across the country that have recently dealt with some serious floods so I can't really complain -- but according to this morning's news, after the rain we're expected to get today, we will have experienced the wettest June on record in Champaign.

We've been house-sitting/dog-sitting for my in-laws this week while they were gone.

This meant that I had ample time to pillage my father-in-law's music collection where I found everything from Neil Young to Rihanna. Welcome to a good portion of the past 24 hours of my life.

Being at my in-law's also meant having a bajillion channels to surf on the TV. A bajillion channels and I still found myself watching a baseball game and reruns of Full House. While watching the Cubs and the Dodgers, though, I did realize that my pal Brian has apparently left the Todd Snider tour and found a new gig in the Los Angeles starting line-up.

We took the kids to see Inside Out and quickly remembered why we don't go to the movies very often. Between five tickets and some snacks, we found ourselves paying more than I'd care to admit we paid to watch a movie we could have waited a few months and bought five times over for the same amount.


Whatever. The movie was good and the kids had fun. Worth it once in a while, I suppose.

Of course, house-sitting at the in-law's wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool -- despite the rain and cloudy skies.

My friend Greg texted me a picture of a drink recipe he recently stumbled upon. It sounds horrible but I'm pretty sure you could mix gasoline and urine and serve it to me with a name referencing The Karate Kid and I'd drink it with gusto!


The Summer of Tim continues...

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