Day 28: Street Fighter, Cardboard Cars, Mr. T

Just a few quick notes as our house-sitting duties come to an end.

1. This Karate Kid/Street Fighter shirt was on TeeFury this week. I didn't buy it. Amy says I have enough t-shirts already.


2. The kids see a lot of cardboard box play on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Today Anna made a car of her own.

3. Furthering my opinion that you can find anything online, someone is selling a homemade Mr. T doll on eBay and it's pretty amazing.

Reminds me of Franklin from Arrested Development.

4. Todd Snider did a live stream from Indy on Yahoo. Excellent as always.

Even though I'm sure they aren't, I will assume that my friends who work at Yahoo are responsible for this.

Thanks, guys.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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