Day 32: Diablo Sauce, Deficiency Notice, Pill Bug Pearl

It pains me to say this, but the Summer of Tim has officially reached the half-way point.


I've been hearing about this Diablo sauce from Taco Bell for quite some time now. What could be hotter than Fire sauce? You guessed it. This stuff was surprisingly good. It's not anything I'd want to drop two packets of on a soft taco, but for something with a little more kick it's not too shabby.

We headed back to the ball fields tonight to watch our niece and her softball team win another game and head to tomorrow night's championship game.

There's something I find very cool about coming back to my hometown and seeing some of the kids I played against in Little League now serving as coaches to the next generation of Salem ball players.

I took a little time this afternoon to do something I love -- digging through boxes in my dad's attic. I've taken (or been forcefully given) most of my stuff from when I was a kid but there's still plenty of odds and ends around here ranging from toys to old papers and documents. I never know what treasures I might find in my dad's attic.

This time around, the treasure I returned with from the attic was this deficiency report that was sent to my parents when I was a senior in high school. For the most part, I was an A/B student all throughout my school years. Apparently senioritis set in early for me and I showed little interest in this course that was required for graduation.

The kids spent a good chunk of time this morning digging through my dad's flower garden looking for pill bugs ... rollie pollies, if you will. Anna found this one that was a different color than the others.

Her name is Pearl.

Or should I say, was Pearl.

RIP Pearl.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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