Day 33: Living Room Tent, Searching for Cups

Today's plans were quickly changed due to the recent and forecasted rain. We had plans to head south to the Carbondale area with my brother's family to visit the infamous "castle park" we've always heard so much about. These plans were canceled due to the "80% chance" of rain that was down to a more realistic 20% by the afternoon. We also had plans to camp out in my dad's back yard with the kids but that plan was shut down because of the waterlogged ground.

In order to appease three kids, the tent found a home for a while in my dad's living room with hardly an inch to spare.

The kids, now in full camping mode, wanted to go ahead with our planned camping activities -- so they watched Despicable Me on TV from the tent. Mason decided it would be fun to run around yelling "Despicable Me! Despicable Me!" over and over again at the top of his lungs -- or, as he says, "a-spicable me." Either way -- obnoxious.

My brother and his family came over before the movie ended and our camping fun was upgraded to an afternoon of board games.

The boys always have fun together.

As do the girls.

It was particularly nice to catch up with my cousin Kim who made the drive to Salem to hang out with us for the evening, as well.

The finger. You might remember the finger from when I talked about my Aunt Sylvia a few weeks ago.

Anyway, we capped off the evening with s'mores, some pre-Fourth sparklers, and a bajillion mosquitoes.


Being back at my dad's for a few days has reminded me of a few items I've been looking to track down for quite some time but either, A.) have not done so because I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices on eBay, or B.) have next to no chance of finding outside of my hometown. Each of these items is a drinking glass or container of some sort -- if you've got any of these in your possession and are willing to get rid of them for a minimal cost (or even free), I'm your man!

Here's what I'm looking for:

Hardee's Moose Cups -- Remember these things? When I was a kid, any plastic cup this size in our house was referred to as a "moose cup."

Burple containers -- These expandable/contractible containers were sold in regular size and "Baby Burple" size with a drink mix inside. Just add water.

Mazzio's Pizza and Pizza Man cups -- These two pizza places were right next door to each other when I was a kid. Both had their own plastic cups that you could re-use for discounted/free drinks when you came in to scarf down pizza and play arcade games. I don't have a picture of either, but the Mazzio's cups were short and stout and yellow in color -- about the size of a cut-off version of the Hardee's Moose cups. The Pizza Man cups were white and about the size of a pint glass.

I'm completely serious. If you have any of these in your possession and are willing to part with them, get in touch with me. I'll pay you actual American dollars for them (within reason) and cover any shipping costs if you're willing to mail them to Champaign.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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