Day 34: Home, Hot Topic, New Glasses ... Whatever

It's amazing what a difference a few hours can make! Here's a look at my dad's back yard around 7:00 last night while we were outside with s'mores and sparklers.

Here's 9:00 this morning.

Charlotte woke up feeling pretty crummy today -- stomach ache and a fever -- so we packed the van and headed home a little earlier than we had planned. After at least two hours of constant and steady rain at my dad's house, we were no more than a mile up the road before the rain quit completely and we never saw another drop. Weird.

After yesterday's camping excursion in my dad's living room, I wasn't surprised when we hadn't been home more than fifteen minutes and the kids had our other tent unpacked and taking up a majority of our own living room. It stayed up most of the day which was fine. Having a tent day of our own gave Charlotte a chance to rest off some of whatever bug she's got and the other two a chance to recharge after a few days on the road.

Our neighbors across the street were kind enough to grab our mail while we were out of town. Picking up a few days of mail from them when we got home turned up the first baseball cards I've bought in years.

The 1985 Topps set was pretty amazing for baseball card collectors of that era -- a set I got for Christmas that year including Dwight Gooden and Roger Clemens rookie cards and the use-to-be-worth-a-fortune Mark McGwire USA card. Each year Topps followed up their regular set with an updated "Traded" set featuring players who had been traded during the season and rookies who didn't have a card in the initial set. These traded sets were like gold when I was a kid. You couldn't get these at the drug store or in the candy aisle at the supermarket. The only way to get your kid hands on cards from these sets were at card shows or specialty shops. Visiting either one was an amazing event for 9-year-old me. In fact, a few summers ago I found a postcard advertising one of these 1986 baseball card shows in a box of stuff in my basement.

Anyway, I somehow stumbled across the 1985 "Traded" set on eBay last week for five bucks shipped. For five bucks, why not round out the regular set with the addition of Vince Coleman and Ozzie Guillen, right?

After watching our niece Audrey play softball each of the past three nights, Anna has quickly developed an interest in softball. We hit a few plastic balls off the tee today but we'll see how long this new found interest lasts.

Maybe a little bit longer than the five minute interest Mason had in playing catch today or the two minutes Charlotte wanted to play soccer. In her defense, I guess, Charlotte was riding the positive effects of Tylenol at this time of day but definitely wasn't feeling 100%.


I got a text from one of the 266 people I know named Matt who informed me that a Hot Topic he had visited had in stock the Karate Kid Funko Pop figures and the Breakfast Club figures, as well. I've been keeping an eye on these on Amazon for a while waiting for the price to drop a bit -- plus the Breakfast Club set isn't technically released until August. On top of that, there was apparently a sale going on at Hot Topic where these things were on a pretty decent discount. I'd love have the Karate Kid set's the Karate Kid; but I really want the Breakfast Club set for my office. What better decor could you find on the shelf in the office of a high school counselor? Am I right?

Anyway, if there is one place I don't visit very often it's the mall. More specifically, when I do go to the mall, it's not often I visit Hot Topic. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Hot Topic. I think it's a great store for a specific generation much like Spencer Gifts was to my generation when I was a kid. I just feel like the stereotypical creepy old guy when I even walk by Hot Topic and look inside.

Either way, off to the mall I went.

Long story short:
1). They had six of the nine figures I wanted. (Apparently Hot Topic has exclusive pre-release rights to the Breakfast Club set)
2) There was no sale. If there was a sale, there was no sign that said there was a sale and the guy with the giant earrings didn't tell me there was a sale when I asked him.
Knowing for sure that I could find a much better price online, I came home empty-handed...and bought the Karate Kid set on eBay.

Finally, today's mail also delivered my prescription glasses -- the product of last week's visit to the eye doctor. Since the place I ordered from online was so affordable, I bought two pair -- one with black frames and another fun pair with clear frames.


Amy's not quite sold on the clear frames -- she says they look like protective lab glasses.

I'm like...whatever.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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