Day 35: Supertones, Mom, Forf Eve

Charlotte was still sick today. She got her ears pierced several weeks ago and has continued to have some issues with one of them. Based on the symptoms she was showing today, we had ourselves convinced that she was experiencing some kind of side effects from that -- maybe an infection that we weren't seeing. After a trip to convenient care, we're told she's just got a bug that's causing her fever and soreness. Considering the alternative was an infection or something worse, I'll take it.

With Charlotte still under the weather, we had a lazy day around the house today and cancelled our plans to go see the reunited Supertones tonight at the Audiofeed Festival. We'll have to settle for YouTube videos and the less-than-impressive fireworks being shot off around our neighborhood tonight.

On a serious note, I've been thinking about my mom a lot lately. It's not like I don't still think about her every day as it is, but with yesterday marking another year since she's been gone, she's been on my mind a lot these past few days.

Here's to you, Mom.

So tomorrow's the Forf.

If you're looking to buck tradition and ditch Lee Greenwood for a new soundtrack on your Independence Day, Will Hoge has worked really hard at making his last few albums sound like hour-long Chevy commercials.

Otherwise, there's always the Godfather.

On a side note regarding this song, to this day I still think "Orthodontists...keep me waiting" to myself when the second verse starts. I'm still not entirely sure what that lyric actually is but I'm not interested in looking it up. I'll stick with the assumption that James Brown ultimately grew impatient with his tooth-straightening experiences.

Happy America, everybody.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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