Day 40: I'm Scared of Lunch Meat

Well, well, well. Look who showed up in the mail today.

Nice job, Hot Topic. No stock means I buy online.

Which I did. So there.

Opening the package, Anna revealed the fact that my genes run deep when she suggested that I open the boxes and "play Karate Kid while I watch the movie like [she] did with [her] Frozen toys."

I didn't. But I might tomorrow.

Had a house showing tonight around dinner time so we headed to Za's where I typically order some sort of pasta smothered in a white sauce with no nutritional value whatsoever. For some reason, maybe because of the fact that I am now less than a year away from my 40th birthday, my "well-being" has been on my mind. Ordering a salad sounded good.

Which I did. So there.

Speaking of food, I faced four decades worth of demons tonight as a guest on the Your Weird Podcast (lack of apostrophe-R-E intentional) where I talked about my lifelong aversion to lunch meat.

Quote of the night was something along the lines of: "I find it amazing that you've made lunch meat the villain and not your brother."

Stay tuned for a link once the episode goes live next week.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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