Day 42: Call Me Prince Charming

I don't remember exactly what it was that I was doing the other day (but I'm sure it was something amazing) when Amy said, "It's like I have four kids in this house." Solidifying her argument a bit further, the UPS man delivered another box full of awesome today.

But the joke's on you, Amy. These aren't toys. It says so right there on the package!

So what's a guy to do when he gets his hands on another set of "adult collectibles" from a line based on his favorite movie? There's no choice in the matter other than for me to group them all together with the Karate Kid toys I had when I was a kid.


Usually when I go to the local monthly flea market, Charlotte is the only one interested in going along. She calls it "the treasure place." The kids have recently been earning a small allowance for various chores around the house and each had a few bucks burning holes in their respective pockets. With this being flea market weekend, all five of us piled in the van and took a trip in search of our own treasures. The kids each found a few items that made them feel like the trip had been a success.

I found more stuff to make my wife proud of the man she married.

Most women grow up dreaming of the day that they meet their Prince Charming and they're swept off their feet -- whisked away to a lifetime of romance and passion.

My poor wife just dreams of a day that I don't play with toys.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Jay said...

Your wife & mine should start a support group :\