Day 43: Johnny Costa, Sesame Place, Breakfast Club

It's always fun to get a package in the mail. It's even more fun when a bunch of stuff arrives all on the same day! The mail was good today.

The only item I was expecting to arrive today was an LP I had ordered -- Johnny Costa's Neighborhood.

Mr. Costa was an accomplished jazz pianist and the music director on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from the day it began up until his death in 1996. The album is called "Neighborhood" and there's a Trolley on the cover, but otherwise it has nothing to do with Mister Rogers and his Neighborhood. Still, I've seen this album sell online for much more than the eight bucks (shipping included) I paid for it. Either way, a fun addition to the Neighborhood Archive!

Next was a package from my pal Guy Hutchinson. Guy recently put together a pictorial history of Sesame Place -- the Sesame Street theme park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Having pre-ordered a copy from Guy, my book arrived today along with a "neighborly" inscription and sketch inside. He was also kind enough to include an original token from the Sesame Place's now-closed Computer Gallery. Get your own copy on Amazon!


Finally, my Breakfast Club Funko Pop! figures arrived today and they are nothing short of amazing! I cannot way to get these into my office this fall! As I've said before, I can think of nothing more perfect for a school counselor's office!


Seriously, check out the detail! A job very well done by Reis O'Brien and the folks at Funko!

Now let's keep our fingers crossed for a Ferris Bueller line...

The Summer of Tim continues...

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