Day 46: Playscape, My Weird, Porzingis

Apparently every group picture I take of my kids now turns into a display of their personalities.

Amy pointed out: "Hey, look at all three of them sitting on the edge of the pool. That'd make a fun picture."

And this is what we got.

Today was all about sunshine and water. With the temperature finally reaching acceptable summertime levels this week, we took the kids to the Natural Playscape at nearby Homer Lake to play in the water, dig in the sand, and climb on the giant rope spider web.


We hadn't been to the Natural Playscape since early in the summer of 2013 and it wasn't until I got home that I realized that several of the pictures I took today were eerily (and unintentionally) similar to some that I took two years ago.

Anyway, after a picnic lunch by the lake we decided that we hadn't spent enough time getting wet in the sun and headed to my in-law's for an afternoon swim.

Again with the faces...


Speaking of picnics, I mentioned yesterday on Twitter that if I go on a picnic with you, there's a pretty good chance that I hate what you're eating.
Why did this come up? As I mentioned last week, I was a recent guest on the "Your Weird" podcast where I was asked about my lifelong aversion to lunch meat. The episode went live today so if you're interested in hearing me talk about how the thought of processed meat makes me want to throw up, here's your chance.

A few weeks ago, the Knicks went into the NBA draft with the #4 pick and a fan base eager for something positive after the team's worst season in franchise history. We needed to come out of this draft with a big name -- someone to bring some excitement back to Madison Square Garden.

What star of the future did we get at #4?

A skinny 19-year-old from Latvia named Kristaps Porzingis.

[Image courtesy of bleacherreport]

Um. Okay.

When his named was called, I'm pretty sure these two Knicks fans at the draft summed up the thoughts of all the New York faithful.

[Image courtesy of newyorktimes]

But wait. There's this.

I've changed my mind.


The Summer of Tim continues...

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