Day 47: Goodwill Shopping, BnG Chips, Eric B is President

With the new school year approaching a lot faster than I'd like to admit, this is usually about the time where I start mentally preparing myself to go back to work.

I always try to hit up back-to-school sales for some new clothes to shake up my teacher wardrobe a bit but this year I decided to do something a little different. Why drop $20+ each for new shirts when I could just as easily find some stuff to wear from the racks when I make my somewhat-regular treasure hunting trips to Goodwill? So putting (less of) my money where my mouth is this year, I picked up some "new" shirts this morning at Goodwill ... but only after digging through the shelves of CDs first, of course.

For those keeping score at home, that is the second LFO CD I've picked up this summer. And let me assure you, an easy way to get some interesting glances at a stop light is to be a dude in your late 30's bumping Technotronic's Pump Up the Jam at the highest volume your Honda CR-V's factory speakers can handle.

Lay's announced the four flavors of chips they'll release in the new round of "Vote to Save Your Fave." I'm pretty sure as soon as I find some, I'm going to annihilate a bag of Biscuits and Gravy chips before I can make it to the check-out lane.

If you can spell "annihilate" correctly on the first try without looking it up, you're smarter than me.

Have you heard that there's a presidential election coming up soon? We at FASTE will be endorsing Eric B.

If you're unfamiliar with legendary classic hip-hop, that's a reference to Eric B & Rakim's I Ain't No Joke.

Is a point really worth making if it has to be immediately explained to 99% of your reading audience?


Eric B is president.

A purple notebook of Charlotte's caught my eye tonight. Surely the 70 pages of college-ruled paper contained more than what was indicated by the block letters on the cover.

Nope. It's all about owls.


After dinner, a biker gang invaded our street...but they were no match for the beauty in the Flash t-shirt.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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