Day 48: Nintendo TNG, Wilco

Tonight before dinner, I introduced my girls to Super Mario Bros. and they were instantly hooked. It wasn't long before they were fighting over whose turn it was to play and arguing over who was better.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

I quickly realized that this could work out in my favor.

At dinner we told the girls that they could only play more Nintendo if they ate everything on their plates. And their plates were cleaned.

We told them they could only play more if they went upstairs quickly and put on their pajamas despite it being more than an hour before their bedtime. They were back downstairs wearing their pajamas in less than two minutes.

Keep in mind that any meal in our house quickly turns into a circus full of whining about this food or that. Bedtime is equally chaotic as something as simple as putting on pajamas is regularly streteched into a 15-minute process.

In this case, though -- Parents: 1, Kids 0.

Here's pajama-clad Charlotte waiting by the basement door to go back downstairs for more Mario much like a dog begging to go outside for a walk.

Just after the kids went to bed, my brother arrived at our house. My nephew has a basketball tournament over the next few days in a town just northwest of here and we offered up the luxuries of Hotel Lybarger. As you might expect, he and I stayed up much too late playing Nintendo.

In other news, Wilco decided to celebrate the Summer of Tim with a surprise new (and free) album -- their first full album since 2011. My guess is this album will strike a chord with most FASTE readers in one way or another -- whether it be due to the music or due to the title.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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