Day 50: Sappy on a Saturday

With more basketball to be played, my brother and nephew spent the night again much to the delight of our kids.

It's always great to spend time with my brother and his family but the past few days have been especially enjoyable as he and I had three nights in a row to just hang out together. We may not have accomplished much more than a handful of games of RBI Baseball on the Nintendo and me being introduced to Comedy Bang Bang, but a chance for us to catch up a bit like that was long overdue.

Continuing on this slightly sappy note, after sharing some photos yesterday from my grade school basketball days, I wasn't really expecting much of a response; however, Facebook proved its worth once again by connecting me with a handful of people from my childhood I hadn't heard from in ages and likewise brought joy to several others who I've stayed in contact with over the years.

I used to scoff at the idea of social media. I mean, really, who is so narcissistic that they need to share their mundane thoughts throughout the day with everyone they know? Several years later, I've ultimately accepted the fact that this is how people communicate and I've embraced my own self-centeredness through this blog and through social media. We'll call it positive narcissism.

And you know what? It's a lot of fun!

I've realized that if it wasn't for things like Facebook, I would have lost touch with some very good friends and relatives long ago. But thanks to social media, I'm able to keep up with old and new friends alike. A person's Facebook presence is obviously a very filtered experience for everyone including myself. What you see of a person online isn't likely reflective of their actual everyday life. But going into the social media world with that understanding, and looking at posts and photos through that lens of understanding, I couldn't be more grateful to mutually share everyday experiences with the many people I've known at various points throughout the past four decades.

How else would I know about fun things like my nieces going to a three-story candy store yesterday or some college friends and their kids meeting Hillary Clinton earlier in the week? These things are small everyday experiences, but they're perfect examples of why I've come to love social media and its virtual look into the lives of the people I care about.

You'll find tons of random anecdotes here on this site, but for those of you from Selmaville, I wrote about my days there a few years ago in a post that I think you'll really enjoy. Some of you may have read it when I first shared it while others of you might be new to the junk I share online. Either way, it's one of the more heartfelt posts I've written. Enjoy...

The Summer of Tim continues...

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