Day 52: Beach, Stray Dog, Oink

Remember that movie Ping Pong Summer that I mentioned a few weeks ago? The movie centers around a family vacation to a touristy beach city and in some ways I feel like I'm living out this movie right now. For example, the family in the film goes to the beach at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds. When we arrived at the beach this morning around 9:30, I had to laugh when there were only about ten other cars in the lot that was full the previous evening.

On my scale, as a self-proclaimed hater of crowds, fewer people means more fun! We swam, we skipped stones, we dug in the sand, and we looked for shells. At the rate the kids were collecting rocks and shells, I'm surprised there are any left out there.

Not really. There are a lot left.

We grabbed lunch at a place called the Stray Dog which came highly recommended by several friends.

I resisted the urge to have a greasy burger and a beer and went for a salad instead...and a beer. Amy had a mai tai that we're pretty sure was just a glass of rum with a little bit of grenadine for color.

Nobody slept very well last night so this afternoon was summed up with one word for all five of us: nap. I went to sleep last night around midnight and was awake by three knowing full well that I wasn't going back to sleep. So rather than catching up on some sleep on the first night of vacation, I found myself watching Starsky and Hutch in the middle of the night.

There's more and more about this rental house that is just odd. Like this awesomely creepy door-turned-art in the corner...

...or the fact that mixed in with the dozens of DVDs on hand is a promotional copy of a Quarashi video. Quarashi as an Icelandic rap/rock group I've followed for several years since their one-hit-wonder experience on MTV back in the late 90s. Just a weird and random thing to come across here.

After making dinner at the house, we walked down the street to Oink's -- an ice cream shop packed with people and hundreds of pieces of pig decor.

I had cookies and cream, Amy had lemon, Charlotte chose peach, and Anna and Mason went with the rainbow colored Superman ice cream for very different reasons. It was decent but not necessarily anything as extraordinary as you'd think based on what we paid for it.

Charlotte has been seeing me write about our trip and has decided to make note of her own thoughts while we are on vacation.

The Summer of Charlotte continues...


Unknown said...

I think I would rather read Charlotte's blog.

TL said...

Me too.