Day 53: Redamak's, Nancy's, Shots of Root Beer

One more day near the more morning at the beach. A front moved through last night which dropped the temperature by about ten degrees and increased the winds off the lake. With a red flag flying, the water was packing a bit of a punch and washing up all sorts of "treasures" in the process. We left the beach with two pair of goggles, one pair of sunglasses, one plastic fire truck, and a dollar bill more than we had when we arrived.

After we buried Anna in the sand, we climbed up the nearby sand dune for a view over the whole beach below.

After lunch at the house we headed out to nearby Galien River County Park where Mason channeled his inner Hunter S. Thompson.

The park had a lengthy boardwalk built over a marsh leading to a platform with a view of several kayakers passing on the river below.

Then there was the canopy walkway. Oh, the canopy walkway.

I'm not a fan of heights. I can fly in airplanes and drive over tall bridges, but anywhere that I don't feel secure I quickly count myself out. You've been to the St. Louis City Museum? I hate that place and the canopy walkway overlooking the marsh and river from high above was no different.

Amy and the kids tell me that the view was nice. I'll assume that it was.

Back to the town's main street where we grabbed a snack at Nancy's -- a place with a line long enough that we assumed it was awesome. Twenty minutes later, the kids had their strawberry shake, Amy had her pretzel, and I had the understanding that Nancy's was operated by a bunch of high school kids with no rhyme or reason to their operation. Can't say I was impressed.

Before dinner, we all hit the showers to wash away a few days worth of sweat, sun screen, and general vacation stink. The kids wanted root beer and the only drinkware I could find on hand that wasn't in the dishwasher was a set of three shot glasses.

So we did shots.

Dinner at Redamak's was okay. Based on what we'd heard around town, it's a longstanding New Buffalo restaurant which has become a favorite with the out-of-town crowd.

It was about what I expected -- loud, crowded, and food served on disposable plastic plates. I again surprised myself and resisted the temptation to order a double Velveeta burger and instead opted for an egg plant sandwich.

We're headed home tomorrow where the final two weeks of the Summer of Tim will continue...


the sandwich life said...

I love you and your family....just saying....

TL said...

Yeah, well, we like you guys a little bit too. :)