Day 54: Rosie's, Michigan City, Full House

We left New Buffalo this morning but not before an amazing breakfast at Rosie's. I can't describe this place any better than how they've done it themselves on their menus: "There's Nothin' Like Home Cookin'!"

The place was exactly the kind of restaurant you'd expect; although we were pretty surprised that there were only six or eight other people there 9am. It's occurred to me over the past few days that the afternoons and early evenings are insanely busy in New Buffalo, but anything before 10am and after 7pm and it's like walking through any other small town in the Midwest.

Rosie's accepted cash only -- another concept we've run into a handful of times over the past few days. I can't say I fully understand the purpose of "cash only" as I can only think that it costs these businesses money in the long run. How many people (us included) carry very little cash on them and pay their ways through the day-to-day on plastic? Redamak's was cash-only which we knew going in so we were prepared. Walking into Rosie's, we opened the front door to see a small "cash only" sign and initially considered going elsewhere for breakfast rather than hunting down an ATM. Luckily for Rosie's (and our growling stomachs) there was an ATM just down the block.

Anyway, not sure what the deal with "cash only" is -- especially in a touristy town like New Buffalo. I guess I'm missing something.

On the way to get cash, I passed this planter that we had seen the day before and the kids thought was hilarious.

Leaving New Buffalo, we had made plans to stop for the morning in Michigan City, Indiana -- just a few miles up the road where some friends from back home were staying and enjoying a beach vacation of their own. Man, oh, man ... what a beautiful morning and such fun hanging out with the Raquels!

Their boys had a Handtrux digger that Mason latched on to immediately because, as he said, it turned him into Transformer. In or out of the water, he didn't take that thing off the entire time we were there.

Once we got home, it became clear that the kids had had enough and were ready to crash. This was the scene just before dinner.

The Tanners showed up at our house while we were gone so the kids spent some lazy time meeting the Full House family in the evening. Charlotte is completely hooked on this show now.

Our friend Susan would be proud. Susan's probably the biggest Full House fan in the world.

Right, Susan?

Yeah. Susan loves Full House.

Our family trip may be over...but there are still a few weeks of summer vacation ahead of us as the Summer of Tim continues...


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