Day 56: Trendy Pizza, Miss Bliss, Sandwich Machine Mystery

One of Amy's brothers and his family are in town for a few days so last night we went on an adults-only double-date. After dinner at some trendy new Neapolitan pizza place which was average at best, we eventually found ourselves sitting at a coffee shop doing our best to talk about anything but our kids. Around 9:30, I couldn't help but laugh when I realized that we were downtown on a Friday night talking about grocery prices while we sipped our cups of decaf.

Times change, huh?

Before hitting the coffee shop, we did stop in at one of my favorite local stores -- mostly music but a good amount of other pop culture type stuff, too. Based on the picture below, I'm still shocked that I didn't buy anything. That boxed Spider-Man game keeps whispering my name though.

I was cleaning out some files and bookmarks on my computer and came across something I forgot I had saved. Most everyone with a pulse is familiar with Saved By the Bell and of that population, a good majority are familiar with Good Morning Miss Bliss -- whether it be from its original run or (more likely) from its later evolution into early junior high prequel episodes of SBTB. But a much smaller number of people have seen what came first. If Good Morning Miss Bliss was the precursor to SBTB, the Miss Bliss pilot episode was certainly the precursor to it all. Check this out -- no Zack Morris, no Screech, no Mr. Belding.

It's pretty fascinating, really.

Last but not least, I need some help solving a mystery that popped into my head last night for the first time in a while. Back around 2003 or 2004, I had a PS2 and used to connect with a friend of mine from back home to play MVP Baseball. If one of us was unavailable to play, we had a few random opponents across the country that we'd hook up with for a game. There was one player in particular that I played against somewhat regularly -- I don't remember his name and I don't remember what area of the country he was in. What I do remember is that he always had at least one or two other people in the room when he was playing and every time he'd hit a home run, they'd all yell the same thing in celebration:


I remember asking him about it when it would happen but the otherwise-friendly opponent would always ignore the question as though it hadn't been asked. Even though it's been over ten years since this happened and I still find myself thinking "SANDWICH MACHINE" any time I see a monster homerun in a baseball game, I still have no idea what it means.

I'm offering two pieces of leftover Neapolitan pizza and a high five to anyone who can offer me a reasonable explanation.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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