Day 58: A Birthday Lunch, BnG Chips, NIL8

Today we got together with Amy's family for lunch to celebrate the 85th birthday of one of my favorite people in this world -- her grandmother, Helen.

Earlier in the day, Amy had run to Walgreen's to pick up a birthday card and returned with an unexpected surprise for me.

Those that know me well know that biscuits and gravy are one of my many weaknesses and I've been eager to try this chips since I first learned about them a few weeks ago.

So are they any good?

Eh. Not really.

The flavor more closely resembles sour cream than biscuits and gravy. I'm glad Amy found them in this small bag before I wasted more money (and calories) on a full-sized bag of this garbage.

But whatever.

The day rounded out with an email from a guy who had contacted me a while back through my SwitchDrops site about having come across a home video he shot in 1998 of a full NIL8 show in Springfield. Of course, I was interested and then super-thrilled last night when he sent me a link to view the newly uploaded video on YouTube.


The Summer of Tim continues...

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