Day 65: Atari, Southern Comfort, Willie Nelson

So. After 64 days of summer vacation, how do I mark the eve of the final day of my break from the real world?



A stiff drink.

And Willie Nelson on the turntable.


For one final day...the Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

I'm so sad. I know it has to come to an end after all... And I guess I'm not just talking about the Summer of Tim... it's all cyclical. Internet has its seasons... Summer of Tim gives way to Countdown to Halloween gives way to well... I don't want to think that far ahead.

I know there will come a day when the Summer of Tim is no longer chronicled on FASTE... and that's another day I don't want to think ahead to... The Summer of Tim is the nostalgia I feel for summer break in general. That nostalgia has never been as strong as the holidays for me, but seeing you celebrate the whole thing here always makes it magical, even when it's just a lazy day at home and some random music video.

I raise my Coney Island Root beer and salute you, bastion and guardian of summer. May next year be sunnier, saltier, sillier, and summer...ier than this one was!

TL said...

And that...was amazing.