You Know I Wreck (Junk) Shop(s)

After feeling the urge to go junk shopping lately, I recently had the chance to hit up a few shops in a town I don't get to often...and I dropped seven bucks on an armload of awesome.

First, in the cleanest of the three shops, came a set of Atari 2600 paddles. My set works sometimes so I grabbed these up in hopes that they'll work all times. There wasn't a price on them and the lady working asked what I'd be willing to pay for them. Based on the prices of other items in the place, I suggested, "Maybe three or four bucks?"

She went with four.

In the second shop, despite their "half off everything" sale, I was sure I was leaving empty handed. Their inventory was slim for the size of the place and nothing really jumped out at me as I passed through the various rooms. Then on the way out the door, something familiar caught my eye -- a single crate of records marked at fifty cents each. At first glance, they were clearly in pretty rough shape so I wasn't optimistic.

Then I remembered the sale. Half off.

I bought four that there was no way I was passing up at a quarter each.


The last stop was marvelous. Piles and piles of stuff. No real rhyme or reason to the place and that's my kind of shopping. You dig and if you find something, you ask for a price. After one trip through the small building, I hadn't really found much of anything until I came across a dirty Fisher Price Little People Main Street set. It was beat up and missing a ton of pieces...but what about the box underneath?

Digging through the random blocks and baby toys, I came to the surface with nine Little People and a sheep and asked for a price. Typically, I see these for sale at anywhere from 50 cents each (on the cheap end) to five or six bucks each (on the ridiculously overpriced end). When I see them on the cheap end, I almost always buy them as long as they're in okay condition. With this in mind, I was hoping he'd hit me somewhere in the $5 range for all ten pieces.

Then the words came out of his mouth: " 'bout a dollar?"

I kept looking down into the box so he wouldn't recognize any surprise that might appear on my face.

"A dollar each?"

"Nah. A dollar for all of 'em."

Casually, I countered in order to try and give the guy an extra buck in the deal: "I'll go two bucks if you throw in these two cars."


I wreck shop. Junk shops.

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