Fisher Price Play Family Castle (1975)

Susan is a good friend of mine from college. Susan loves Full House, but that's not the point of this story.

This story begins Friday evening around 5:30 when I got a text from her:

Now please note, my response below was sent at the exact second that Susan's next text arrived:

Wait. WHAT?!

I had just been talking to my wife within the past few weeks about the fact that I'd love to find the Fisher Price Play Family Castle but eBay prices are just simply outrageous -- often pushing $150 for a complete set. I was almost afraid to ask Susan, but if the price was even remotely reasonable, the set had most of the accessories, and she didn't want it for herself, this castle was going to be mine.

I just about swallowed my tongue.

Skipping the back-and-forth that followed about the fact that only a few pieces were missing and it was in great condition, let me clarify something. Susan is part of a core group of my friends from college who, 20 years later, still tries to get together occasionally. Although our group of friends is spread out through the state, we aren't far enough apart in proximity that we couldn't hang out together a few times a year. For example, Susan and her family are only about a 90 minute drive from me and my family. Still, adulthood tends to get in the way and despite our semi-regular contact through text messages and social media, making plans to get together becomes difficult and only seems to come to fruition about once every two years.

Unless there are toys involved. That's different.

At 7am Saturday, a mere fourteen hours after Susan's first text to me on Friday night, I was backing out of my driveway with a 7-year-old co-pilot on our way to pick up a Fisher Price castle.

A ninety minute drive and a fifteen minute visit with Susan later and our mission was complete.

One hundred seventy-two miles and we were back home by 10:30. 

Of my three kids, my oldest daughter is the only one who like to get up early and go "treasuring hunting" like me. What a great time we had singing along to Christmas songs on the radio as we drove up and down the highway to check one more treasure off our list!

Totally worth it.


Kochernut Mama said...

I think I still have the castle somewhere, but was heartbroken to find someone had snagged the super pink dragon, as well as the rest of the I loved the trap doors and secret staircase! Enjoy, was and is a super cool toy!


Casey said...

This is absolutely amazing!!!!