Redemption: The Monkees Scratch Test

A lot of times when I come home from a sale or a flea market, I try to explain to my wife why the things I bought are absolutely amazing. My explanations are usually met with mild tolerance and general dismissal as just more "stuff" in our house.


Let me be clear about one thing. Everything in my collection of "stuff" has a story and tonight's purchases at the flea market are no exception.

For most of my adult life, I've considered building my own set of Sesame Street Fisher Price Little People. First off, the original Little People are some of my all-time favorite toys. Second, my brother and I had this set when we were kids and technically it was given to him before I was born so I know I have no dibs on our original set (still back home and still complete). So a few weeks ago, I finally resorted to the eBay market for a cheap "starter set" knowing that I could fill in the gaps over time as I hit various sales and flea markets. What I came up with was a great set of pieces for a great price and in fantastic condition (minus the tiny chip in one corner of the building).

Always visiting my favorite seller at the flea market as soon I walk through the door, I was super pleased tonight to find that he had two Little People out on his table among a pile of WWE wrestlers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I passed on Mr. Hooper because I've got three or four of those already.

But Gordon for a buck? Yes, please.

Now for my other flea market purchase...

Back in the latest of the 1980's or earliest of the 1990's, my dad invested in a new stereo system. It was one of those cabinet systems that stands about stomach-high with two equally large speakers on each side. And this stereo had a CD player.

With a means to play CDs for the first time, I took advantage of a trip to Wal-Mart and hit up an end-cap of discount CDs. It was here that for five bucks each, I purchased my first two CDs -- Black Sabbath's Paranoid and The Monkees' Pool It.

A few weeks later, my brother and I discussed this new CD technology in a conversation that probably went something like this:
TIM: "I heard that CDs are indestructible." 
MATT: "Probably not." 
TIM: "I bet if I scratched up a CD it'd still play." 
MATT: "Probably not." 
TIM: "I'm going to try it."
With that, I completely recall taking out my Pool It CD and dragging the bottom side across our home's plaster ceiling for a good five feet. Then for good measure, I threw it across the room like a Frisbee.
I dropped that disc right back in my dad's CD player...and did it play?

Probably not.

I've always regretted that decision for a few reasons:
  1. Heart and Soul is an awesome song.
  2. This CD now sells used on Amazon for as much as $30.
I've since picked up a vinyl copy of Pool It at a record sale for a buck but, much like Voltron's wheeled feet, that CD copy has always been in the back of my mind.

Until tonight.

Pool It for three bucks? Yes, please.

Flea market redemption!

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