The Book of Wonders

Feeling stressed? Let my oldest daughter help you put things in perspective with her book of wonders.

She and I found this today -- a book she made a few years ago when she was five or six years old. If you think you've got a lot on your mind, just wait until you read about all of the stuff that was floating around in her mind.

You're welcome.


the sandwich life said...

she is wonderful.

Rob O'Hara said...

When I began reading the list my reaction was, "how cute, the wonders of a child." Then the further down the list I got, I realized I don't know the answers to half those questions. Who made glass? Do fairies exist? How do they celebrate Christmas in Africa? NO CLUE! I hope your daughter goes on a million adventures and answers every one of those questions first hand.

TL said...

I was the same way. So cute...wait...I don't know....these are great questions!!