Vintage Family Photos: Crayola Caddy and E.T. Colorforms

It was Christmas morning 1982 and Santa had come to visit. I can tell because Santa always put out two chairs to clearly separate the gifts that were intended for me and those intended for my brother. Clad in my Batman pajamas, I dug into some of my holiday loot.

A package of Life Savers marketed as the annual "Sweet Story Book." Apparently there is a finite amount of information on the internet as I was only able to find one small shot of that packaging (below on the left). Christmas that year tasted like wild cherry and butterscotch.

The Crayola Caddy was packed with everything from markers to water colors to rulers to stencils to (of course) crayons. All on a spinning caddy for artistic convenience.

[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

And finally, at the height of extra-terrestrial madness, there was the E.T. Colorforms set which is still in my possession today.

[Image courtesy of my basement]

Some people have called me a pack rat. Some people don't know awesome when they see it.


Rich said...

That commercial is rad

TL said...

I can still smell that paint.

Mark It With A T said...

Believe it or not, I'm the kid on the cover of that Crayola Caddy. I love the fact that your parents got you guys more than one. My teachers in 5th grade asked me to autograph theirs. My brother blackened my eye and teeth on his box cover.