Vintage Family Photos: Stretch Armstrong

Christmas 1977.

Aside from my grandparents record collection, you'll find three items shining brightly in this snapshot of my brother.

The most obvious of the three, of course, is Stretch Armstrong.

[Image courtesy of some news site]

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Stretch didn't live up to his name in our house and eventually ruptured a limb oozing his inner stretchiness all over the carpet.

Peeking out on the right side of this picture is the Fisher Price Emergency Rescue Truck.

[Photo courtsey of a site like Pinterest where you can randomly share photos that are not your own]

This wasn't a toy I remember my brother or I having as kids so I'm guessing it went home with a cousin.

Finally, to the left, you can see someone checking out a Playskool Digger the Dog toy.

[Image probably courtesy of Playskool even though I found it on Pinterest]

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