A Second-Grade Activist

I don't often write about my family on here, but my pride spilled over this week.

My second-grade daughter was given an assignment to present a "living biography" to her classmates which was to include a first-person oral presentation while dressed in character as the individual she chose. While she had every opportunity to complete this assignment as any one of countless "traditional" heroes, my daughter chose Malala Yousafzai -- a Nobel Prize winning activist for human rights and female education she learned about thanks to her mom.

As I watched my daughter's presentation to her class this morning, I felt pride in every sense of the word. As one who certainly appreciates those who fight for what they believe in -- one who spent the better part of his high school years in Smalltown, USA catching flak for his Malcolm X t-shirts -- I'm proud of my daughter for going against the grain by teaching her classmates about someone outside the typical list of "people who have made a difference." Equally, I'm proud to be married to a woman who is teaching our children about heroes like Malala Yousafzai.

While this two-minute biography may seem like just another second grade assignment to you, it made this dad proud beyond anything I could ever express in a blog post.

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