Day 02: Tonka Trucks and Underwear

Making my best effort to hit the ground running, I was up by 5:30 today and walking through the front door of Menards by 7:15. It seems that year after year, I have a list of tasks to accomplish over the summer that I find myself scrambling to complete in the final days of each break.

Not this year. Nope.

But as I was leaving Menards, I realized something. It was just after 8am on a Saturday morning in mid-May...

Obviously I was stopping at some garage sales on the way home.

Sale #1: A total bust. Mostly clothes and a few dishes.

Sale #2: Promising at first sight...but way overpriced.

Sale #3: Jackpot. A box of old Tonka trucks that I knew Mason would love for the sandbox. At 50 cents each, I dropped $3.50 and headed home to bask in an few moments as the best dad in the world.

Anyway, I knew if I was going to accomplish much around the house and in the yard, I needed to find something to occupy the kiddos for the morning. Mason clued me in to the answer when he noticed the tent in the top of the shed.


Kids: occupied.

From there, my morning was spent moving and stacking a pile of firewood that was left by the previous owners of our house and also redirecting a gutter that was angled toward the house and therefore sending all rainwater from the back of the house directly onto the foundation.

The day wasn't all work though as my father-in-law and I took a nice break in the sunshine and rewarded ourselves for five minutes of hard labor after putting a new solar cover on his pool.

[For those who don't know, the house we moved to last fall is across the street and one house down from my in-laws.]

But enough about all of that. Let's get down to what has already become an unexpected subplot to the early days of the Summer of Tim. I'm talking about the underwear in the ditch across the street.

As I mentioned yesterday, this pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs showed up in the general vicinity of our mailbox about a month ago -- most likely a garbage day trash can escapee. Thinking I'd be a good neighbor, my initial intention was to grab a stick and dispose of it after dark so as to not be seen handling my neighbor's old underwear.

But I forgot. And then it rained.

Washed into hiding, the underwear found its way from the streetside into the ditch where it has made its home ever since. Over the past few weeks, it has become less noticeable as it has changed from a white-ish hue to more of an earth tone. I can only assume the underwear has entered survival mode and is using its chameleon-like abilities to camouflage itself within its surroundings in hopes of going undetected.

More to come on the underwear as the story develops.

Have you heard of this website called YouTube? It's got a lot of videos to watch. I used to think that the Obelisk & MC Cat Genius cover of the Fat Boys classic Protect Yourself (My Nuts) was the best video in the history of the internet.

Okay. I still think that. But barely.

This clip of New Edition I came across a few weeks ago is running a close second. While I realize that Bobby Brown's mesmerizing moves early in this video are almost too much to handle, be sure to stick around for the full dance routine starting around 2:06. My goal is to master this routine by the end of the summer.

In other music news, the new album from Hard Working Americans is phenomenal -- start to finish. Truly, stop what you're doing and buy yourself a copy.

Right now.

Although I should warn you that a few of the tracks are a bit catchier than I realized. I recently heard my eight-year-old daughter skipping through the house singing the chorus from Track 4:

"Dope is dope and you're high up on it...."

Parent of the year. Me. Right here.

Random note(s) from today...
  • If you are having a garage sale and put a price tag of $5 on each CD you are trying to sell, you will not be selling your CDs.

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Chad Harmon said...

You need to get some others to dance with you to get the full impact of the New Edition dance routine. I suggest you enlist your kids. That might blow up the internet.