Day 05: Field Day and Water Guns

Today was the last day for students and all second graders spent a few hours at the high school for their Field Day activities. With Charlotte in my building, I did take a few pictures of her playing with her friends -- but even better was standing in the distance and watching her in her kid element. Much like the narrator of a National Geographic special observing quietly from afar, it was fun to watch her when she didn't realize I was still there.

I love watching my kids be kids.

With it being the last day of school -- and the day dismissing about an hour early -- the girls' bus driver planned ahead for the kids on her bus and another bus to meet at a nearby park before they were dropped off at home for the final time this year.

You might think the kids would be eager to get home and have their summer vacation officially underway.


Not when a massive water gun fight is involved!

With these two armed and dangerous, it goes without saying that I was "accidentally" caught in the crossfire a few times.


With students done for the year, only two more easy days of work for me, folks.

And then this...

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