Day 06: RIP Underwear, Superhero Girl Notebook

The underwear is gone.

I repeat...

The. Underwear. Is. Gone.

My neighbor decided to till his ditch for whatever reason and apparently felt that his tiller needed to show the old pair of briefs who was boss. With a few tiny pieces of chewed-up fabric remaining on the edge of the road, ready to wash back into the ditch with the next significant rainfall, the majority of the Fruit-of-the-Looms are now one with the earth.

Ashes to ashes.

. . .

Not gonna lie. I spent almost four hours today sitting in the recliner watching the Cubs beat the Cardinals.

I regret nothing.

. . .

A teacher in my building cleaned out their classroom today and had a huge stack of spiral notebooks to share. I brought home several in hopes of deterring the kids from constantly taking paper from the printer.

Anna has used one of hers to start a pretty awesome "Superhero/Villain Girl Book" (her actual title written on the cover in Sharpie).

. . .

Wrapping up the evening...

Have you ever tried to bathe a feral cat? Neither have I. But I can only imagine that it would be slightly easier than getting our three kids to successfully and cooperatively take a shower or bath.

Blood pressure: high.

Kids: clean.

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