Day 11: Deep & Simple

Let me tell you what I love -- the fact that I'm eleven days into my break and the calendar still says May.

I wish I had something exciting to report from today, but I don't.

And that's perfect.

It was hot today, but not too hot. After a day of yard work and house cleaning, we headed across the street to my in-law's for a few hours in the pool and a dinner we didn't expect to stay for.

Okay. Full disclosure. The kids swam while we all sat on the side and talked over a few drinks.

But whatever.

I recently started (re)reading Bo Lozoff's book Deep & Simple. Probably the sixth or seventh time I've read it and it strikes a chord every time.

It's spiritual. Not religious.

It's deep. And simple.


Unknown said...

Oh man, I'm late to the party -- I didn't realize TSoT had already started up again. I have been a "mostly" silent observer of your summer rituals over the past couple of years and you have inspired to me to slow down, drink more, and even take in a ballgame or two -- and I don't even like baseball. Cheers to you and the summer of 2015!

TL said...

Ha! Thanks, Brian! Glad to be such a "positive" inspiration! :)