Day 12: Kid Date, Rage, T-Shirt Purge

Amy and I take a weekly date night with our kids -- one week I'll go with one, the next week she'll go with the next, etc. By rotating like this, it gives us the chance to, every other time, have some one-on-one time with a different one of our kids.

Last night was date night for Charlotte and me as we braved a massive downpour and hit up Barnes & Noble before some fine dining at Steak 'n Shake.

With stomachs full of burgers, corn dogs, and milkshakes, we wrapped up our night at home with a new Shopkins puzzle.

. . .

I came downstairs this morning to find this note on my desk.

So proud.

. . .

The countdown reached zero on the Prophets of Rage website and the big announcement was officially made. Yes, indeed, various members from three of my favorite music groups -- Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, and Public Enemy -- have combined to form a new "super group!"

The only thing that might excite me more would be a combined effort between the surviving members of the Fat Boys, Beastie Boys, and Run DMC.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

"Dangerous times demand dangerous songs."


. . .

Amy and I spent part of our morning cleaning out our closet and getting rid of old clothes. She's been trying to get me to thin out my t-shirt collection for years and I finally did it by cutting the number of t-shirts in my closet almost in half. Among many others, I bid farewell to some old friends.

So long, t-shirts from college. You've served me well for the past two decades.

. . .

And finally, thanks to a friend on Twitter, here's a 1976 picture of Tom T. Hall and Captain Kangaroo.

You're welcome.

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