Day 14: LPx6, Fireball, Nutty Bars

It happens every summer. And it's the best feeling in the world.

It's that feeling when you need to know what day of the week it is and you have no clue. After asking Amy, apparently today is Thursday.

. . .

Charlotte's art camp continued today and while she was gone this morning, Amy took Mason to get new shoes. That left Anna and me in the clothes we slept in for two hours of board games. For the record, I'm pretty good at the Hide the LaLaLoopsy Game....or whatever it's called.

But so is Anna.


. . .

I got a new Mister Rogers record in the mail today. Kind of surprised I didn't have it already.

For those of you who are unaware...yeah, I have a bit of a Mister Rogers problem. It's okay to own six different variations of the same album, right?

. . .

Yesterday I received the perfect response to the Summer of Tim in the form of a comment through the blog itself. And I mean PERFECT:
Over the past couple of have inspired me to slow down, drink more, and even take in a ballgame or two -- and I don't even like baseball.
Success! The Summer of Tim is winning!

On that note...if I could find the guy who invented Fireball, I'd like to have a word with him.

And give him a high five.

. . .

This afternoon brought swimming and a few hours of burning off my recent "scrap wood" acquisition.

With another round of swimming after dinner...yes, twice in one day...I couldn't help but think of my own swimming experiences as a kid. Hot summer afternoons in the mid-80s were often spent at the public pool with my brother and usually two friends who lived down the street.

I remember that place well.

I remember the concrete shower rooms with peeling blue paint, wooden benches, and a floor puddled with pool water and urine near the toilets. I'd often use these stalls in bare feet.

I remember the rope that marked the spot in the pool where the water went from chin-high to over-my-head in a hurry. Sometimes I was brave enough to go under the rope...but not too far.

I remember the floor of the pool being made of concrete and being many years overdue for an update. Multiple times, I recall cutting my waterlogged feet on the concrete chips floating underfoot.

I remember the "adult swim" time that came around 3:00 every afternoon. That was when the kids hit the snack bar and the adults enjoyed fifteen minutes of peaceful waters. I'd always use my daily snack allowance on the same two items -- BBQ Lays and a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. To this day, a Nutty Bar still takes me back to the Salem pool in a hurry.

So tonight, after almost four hours in the water for the kiddos, it just so happened that we had an unopened bag of barbecue chips on hand and they were hungry.

People say that history repeats itself.


A little bit.

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