Day 15: Junk Shopping Jackpot, Surge, Cypress Hill

I went junk shopping today. And it was amazing.

More on that in a minute.

. . .

I was never a huge fan of Ghostbusters when I was a kid. Of course, I had (and still have) the 45 single of the Ray Parker, Jr. track, but I think I've only seen the movie itself two or three times in my life. I did go through a phase where I watched my share of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon on TV...and by "phase" I mean "nothing else was on so I watched that." Maybe I was just attracted to cartoon Peter and his Garfield voice.


Either way, with the new Ghostbusters movie coming out soon, Hi-C has brought back the drink many kids of the 80s apparently lived on -- Ecto Cooler. Clearly I was outside of the majority on this one as I can honestly say that I have never consumed one drop of Ecto Cooler in my life, but the recent hype had me curious. After dropping Charlotte off at art camp this morning, I set out to find some Ecto Cooler and do some serious junk shopping along the way. I was on a mission much like my days of searching for variations of Cap'n Crunch.

Sparing you the details, after my sixth stop with no luck in the juice aisle, I came to the realization that I didn't actually want any Ecto Cooler.

Refusing to believe the hype, I was more excited to find a healthy stock of Surge at the gas station instead.

So, yeah. Screw you, Ecto Cooler.

. . .

Let's get to the junk shopping.

I passed on the Skid Row CD at Goodwill (mainly because I didn't want to wait in line while the lady in front of me inspected every smudge on her new dinnerware) and then on the Garfield lunch box at the Salvation Army thrift store. Moving on to my favorite book store, though, I walked away with a healthy new stack of Little Golden Books...

...a couple of Welcome Back Kotter novelizations and a copy of Jesus & the Hip-Hop Prophets which appears to be a pretty solid read.

Twenty-five cents each.


Next up was Disc Replay where I had some store credit to burn. I knelt down to see if any new Atari games had been added to their case and almost immediately I was asked by one of the guys behind the counter if I was interested in seeing some Atari games they'd just priced but hadn't put out yet.

Of course I was...and I walked out with six games I didn't have.

I wrapped up my morning with a trip to a new favorite thrift store in a town about ten miles away. The last time I was there I didn't find anything so I was a little hesitant to make the trip today...but I'm glad I did.

With CDs at 50 cents each, I brought home some Kanye, some Britney, and the EMF album which I believe was one of the first CDs my brother every owned.

The toy section at this place has always been pretty crappy -- a bunch of stuffed animals, baby toys, and Happy Meal trinkets. Today, though, a $1.50 bag caught my eye with what appeared to be two vintage 1960s/1970s 12" G.I. Joe figures. Not sure if these were originals or reproductions, I figured it was worth $1.50 to take them home and find out for sure.

After a little research, it looks like these two figures are original. Combined with the accessories in the same bag (some G.I. Joe and others from the Big Jim line of toys), based on what this stuff is currently selling for online (not listed for, but selling for), I should be able to turn my $1.50 into about sixty bucks.

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner.

. . .

Charlotte wrapped up her three-day art camp today. Check out this beauty!

I couldn't be prouder of this kid and her love for the arts.

Plus, as of last night, she's finally worked up the nerve to jump off the diving board with no life jacket!

. . .

I stayed up way too late last night but it was totally worth it as I came across a recording from the first Prophets of Rage show. Although there will never be any replacement for Zach de la Rocha, hearing B-Real and Chuck D dropping his lyrics got me all sorts of excited.

But hearing old-school Cypress Hill really hit the spot.

Oh, how I love Cypress Hill.


the sandwich life said...

love Charlotte's painting!

Bob Johns said...

Wait what I MASH game?? I don't recall that one I might have to dig for that. Great finds. And Congrats to Charlotte that painting is great! And for diving with no life vest.

TL said...

Unfortunately that was the one game in the lot that didn't work. Look on YouTube. Apparently there are a few videos of the game -- looks pretty fun!

Bob Johns said...

That stinks! I will look into youtube.