Day 20: Kids at the Bar, Baseball Fights, Bike Success

We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday tonight...

Kids at the bar.


Best. Parents. Ever.

. . .

I had a conversation tonight with a few siblings-in-law about fights in baseball and I stand by my opinion -- I. Love. Them.

I'm not talking about those times when a few players get their panties in a bunch and need to puff up their chests a bit before they let their teammates pull them to safety. I'm talking about good old fashioned brawls.

Me being a Cubs fan and my brother-in-law a White Sox fan, our conversation quickly found its way to the Michael Barrett/A.J. Pierzynski fight from 2006. You know...the punch landed on behalf of all baseball fans around the world.

Here's the footage if you don't remember.

From there, the conversation passed Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura and landed on the greatest MLB beatdown in history.

Long live Kyle Farnsworth! You never knew where his fastball would land, but I'm pretty sure Paul Wilson knows where his right hook landed.

. . .

I've been watching this movie called Expelled. Maybe twenty minutes a night because that's all I can tolerate in one sitting.

Very clearly, this was a feeble attempt to be the second coming of Ferris Bueller. Third if you count Parker Lewis.

It's terrible...but much like roadkill, I can't look away.

. . .

I may or may not have searched eBay today for "Jim McMahon Starting Line-Up Figure."

. . .

The biggest news of the day came from Charlotte who seems to have officially mastered the two-wheel bike!

. . .

The new Voltron series hits Netflix on Friday.

Goodbye, weekend.


the sandwich life said...

CONGRATS Charlotte! Love that mother too.

Bob Johns said...

Yeah as a sox fan they can not fight! Hell they can not even win right now.