Day 21: Moving Crew, Poolside Prop, Grandpa Rossy

I helped my newly-married sister-in-law and her husband move into their new house today. I'm happy to report that this old man can still haul furniture with the best of them...just might be feeling it a little more in the morning than I would have years ago.

. . .

Of course, with the weather heating up, a visit to the in-law's pool was a must. Although I'm told otherwise by my wife and my in-law's, I'm certainly hoping we don't wear out our welcome there over the coming weeks...

Funny thing about this picture is that the beer in front of me isn't mine. It's basically a prop put in place by my father-in-law who took this picture and apparently felt something was missing.

Looking closely, you should know better. I'd never use a Cardinals koozie. :)

. . .

The best thing you'll see today? This commercial featuring Cubs catcher, David Ross.

Although I hate that everyone calls him "grandpa." He's a year younger than me.

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