Day 23: Indy Swim, White Castle, Peach Tea

The summer is officially in full swing.

. . .

We headed to Indianapolis for an afternoon pool party celebrating our niece's birthday. Perfect for a day that reached 96 degrees.

The drive between home and Indy passes us by the nearest White Castle which is roughly ninety minutes from home. I tried to convince Amy to let me stop for a sack of sliders but she was having no part of it. I'm not entirely sure why.

"Something something, stink up the van, something something."

We will meet again another day, White Castle. Another day.

. . .

After four hours in the van and two hours in the sun, we swam a bit more once we got home. With the kids fully exhausted by the evening's end, Amy and I battled through a few games of double solitaire over a few drinks.

I give you my word, peach vodka and iced tea is deliciously dangerous.


Jay said...

I didn't think anyone else played double solitaire! My family used to play when I was growing up; unfortunately, I can't remember how to play it now, though :(

TL said...

It's about as easy as you'd think. Two games of solitaire going at once, play on any pile in between, first one done wins.