Day 24: Edible Perfection

I have experienced heaven. And it is covered in gravy.

. . .

After church, Amy suggested we make a drive about 20 miles north to check out a new soul food restaurant in a nearby town. Not only was I hungry, I also knew that the trip would take us very close to the flea market I had decided to skip this month.

So north we went.

The flea market was hot and vendors were sparse. I walked out empty handed after a quick fifteen minute visit with my favorite sellers. I passed on the bucket of Masters of the Universe figures and the over-sized Danny Wood button. The one item I regret not picking up was a smaller 45-record-size Supercase storage box just like the LP-size one my brother and I have had since we were kids.


. . .

Enough about that. It was time to eat.

I don't often talk about food on here unless it comes in some sort of limited edition vintage packaging...but let me tell you, this place was fantastic. Everything we had read mentioned its amazing soul food ...but they also have a weekend brunch menu.

Brunch menu means breakfast food.

Breakfast food means I would be leaving the place feeling like I had just eaten enough to feed myself and a dozen friends.

Located in what's left of the downtown strip of Rantoul, IL, C&C Kitchen is a small cafe style restaurant that might seat 30-40 people at most. I love places like this and was immediately encouraged by the giant bottle of hot sauce on each table.

I'll save you some time and skip the details on Anna's impressive plate of Banana Fosters French Toast or Amy's bowl full of Shrimp and Grits.


What's most important here is The Haystack.

The Haystack encapsulates every bit of edible perfection that this world has to offer.

It was love at first sight. The Haystack and I were MFEO.

Dropping a knife through the center of this mound of awesome, the layers of succulent goodness were revealed.

Hash browns.




Eggs over-easy.

All covered in gravy.

God bless you, C&C Kitchen.

God. Bless. You.

Taco Bell breakfast is one thing. But this is a game changer.

. . .

After making my plate a "happy plate" or becoming a member of the Clean Plate Club or whatever you call it in your house, we gave our full stomachs a ride home knowing exactly what the rest of the afternoon had in store.

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