Day 25: The First of Five Kid-Free Mornings

I love this picture I took yesterday in Rantoul after we ate. Located across the street from C&C Kitchen, it's clearly what's left of the city theater. A sign once bright with neon over a sidewalk certainly full of patrons -- now it sits broken and empty.

Something about this...equally heartwarming and depressing.

. . .

The kids started a week of VBS this morning which left Amy and I dancing in the parking lot on the way to three hours of freedom. Notepad in hand, we sat in the morning sunshine outside Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee while coming up with a game plan for the next five mornings.


We made lists of things to measure and things to buy in order to accomplish some tasks around the house while the kids are gone this week. We'll see how productive (or not) this week actually turns out to be.

My money's on "or not."

. . .

After coffee, Amy humored me for a while as we stopped in at a few thrift stores. In my defense, one of the stops was at a children's consignment store where we had a trunk full of items to drop off. It only seemed right that I do a little shopping while I was there.

Deep down, I know Amy has never dreamed of a broad-shouldered knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet. What she's really wanted her whole life is a husband who buys Scooby Doo toys.

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