Day 26: CD Redemption, Pink Paint, My New Mantra

One of the worst trades I ever made in my life was when I dealt my copy of G.I. Joe #1 to my brother and got a switch blade comb in return. Ultimately, I think I came out on top -- but at the time, that was a really bad trade.

Another such trade came when I was in college. My brother had, at some point prior, traded or sold me his CD copy of Metallica's Garage Days Re-Revisited E.P. This CD then left my possession in a trade that went down with a guy I knew my sophomore year of college. I don't remember exactly what I got in return, but I know it included a Hootie & the Blowfish CD.

Unfortunately I'm not kidding.

The obvious musical imbalance in this trade aside, now this Metallica EP sells used for $20-25 and those Hootie albums are a dime a dozen on every used rack you encounter.


. . .

The kids were back to VBS today so Amy and I headed to Lowe's to stock up on supplies needed for the projects we may (or may not) complete this week. We left with two gallons of paint and a package of rollers.


I hate painting.

Hate. It.

This was not looking good for me.

. . .

Lowe's happens to be down the road from the bookstore I've mentioned a few times recently -- the one that sells everything for a quarter. Figured I'd pick up a few new books and maybe a CD or two (CDs are fifty cents) while we were in the area.

Never in a thousand years did I think I'd find this guy there...

Yeah, I picked up some other stuff while I was there...but I was thrilled to redeem myself from that horrendous trade from twenty years ago.

And before I start getting texts and phone calls about that Full House book, you can't have it. It's for my friend Susan from college.

She loves Full House.

Susan cried when she watched the last episode of Full House.

Don't let her tell you any different. I was there. I swear she did.

. . .

Apparently Amy was on a mission and meant business when it came to painting Charlotte's room. After lunch, the furniture was moved away from the walls, the tape was applied, and we painted.


Lots of pink.

Have I mentioned that I hate painting?

But in the end, as always, it's totally worth it.

. . .

Um...this weirdo.

. . .

I used to hate social media. Someone once explained to me several years ago that social media is nothing more than a way for people to feed their narcissistic egos. That was the reason he'd never take part.

That person is currently one of the most active Facebook users I know.

Social media can be fun. But it can also be unbelievably obnoxious and very much discouraging at times.

The election. The massacre in Orlando. Any major event seems to bring out the worst in people -- such hateful and self-righteous commentary from those who hold themselves so high.

I've learned to filter my feeds by making liberal use of options like unfollow, mute, and block to eliminate anyone regularly sharing content that gets under my skin.

I'm not talking about people with opinions different from my own -- there's nothing wrong with disagreeing. I'm talking about those who make the use of social media miserable for those who follow them. Those who use it as a platform to spout their arrogance and/or ignorance.

As I strive each day to be a more positive person, I've found it necessary to eliminate anyone who consistently brings me down in any way -- large or small. For all I know, I've suffered a similar fate when it comes to people connected to me.

In the end, it all boils down to one simple mindset that can easily be summed up by something I saw last week. Something I've sort of tried to make a personal mantra as I wake up and go about my daily interactions with other people ... both online and in the real world.

I suggest you consider this concept, as well.